How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

Want to delete a page in Google Docs? Open your document, locate the unwanted page, highlight its content, and press delete. For stubborn blank pages at the end, it might be due to invisible formatting or page breaks. Clean up your docs with ease using this guide.

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head, thinking, “How in the world do I get rid of this pesky, unwanted page in my Google Doc?”, you’re not alone! We’ve all been there. Google Docs is a fantastic tool, but sometimes, the simplest tasks can turn into puzzles. But fret not! This guide has your back.

The Basics: Why Delete a Page?

It might seem like a silly question, but why would you want to delete a page in the first place? Perhaps you’ve got some unnecessary white space, or maybe an extra page slipped in when you were editing. Either way, tidying up your document can make it look more professional and easier to read.

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Step-by-Step: Deleting that Unwanted Page

  1. Open Your Document: Sounds obvious, right? But the first step is always getting into the document where the rogue page resides.
  2. Find the Culprit: Scroll through until you find the page you want to delete.
  3. Highlight the Unwanted Content: Click at the beginning of the unwanted page, hold down your mouse, and drag until the entire page is highlighted.
  4. Press Delete: With the page highlighted, simply hit the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.

A Note on Blank Pages at the End

Sometimes, you’ll find a blank page at the end of your document that just won’t go away. The usual suspect? Invisible formatting marks or page breaks. To delete it:

  1. Place your cursor at the end of your last piece of content.
  2. Press the delete or backspace key until the blank page disappears.

The Pros of Deleting Unwanted Pages

  1. Cleaner Presentation: Nobody wants to read through extra pages that serve no purpose.
  2. Save on Printing: Less pages means using less paper when printing.
  3. Ease of Reading: A concise document is easier to navigate and understand.

The Cons of Overzealous Deleting

  1. Loss of Information: Be careful not to accidentally delete important info!
  2. Formatting Issues: Sometimes deleting a page can mess up your document’s layout.
  3. Possible Regret: Ever heard the phrase, “measure twice, cut once?” Double-check before you delete.

Additional Information

  • If you’re having trouble deleting a page, it might be protected or have certain restrictions. Check the document’s permissions.
  • Page breaks can be inserted manually in Google Docs, and they might be the reason for unexpected page additions. To see and remove them, go to Format > Paragraph styles > Normal Text > Apply ‘Normal Text’.

Wrapping It Up

Deleting a page in Google Docs can be a breeze when you know the steps. Whether it’s for aesthetics, ease of reading, or simply to get rid of unnecessary content, it’s a valuable skill to have. So next time you’re faced with an unwanted page, just remember this guide and tackle it head-on.


  1. Can I recover a deleted page in Google Docs?
    • Yes, you can use the “Undo” option (Ctrl/Cmd + Z) or check the version history to restore a previous version.
  2. Why is there a random blank page in my document?
    • This can be due to invisible characters, manual page breaks, or other formatting issues.
  3. How do I see page breaks in my document?
    • Go to View > Show section breaks. If visible, they’ll appear as dotted lines.
  4. Can I delete multiple pages at once?
    • Absolutely! Just highlight the content across multiple pages and press delete.
  5. Are there any shortcuts to delete a page?
    • Not a specific one, but combining Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Arrow keys can help you select content faster.